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Founder Spotlight: Janine

G: Tell us a little bit about yourself! What got you to where you are today?

J: My name is Janine :) I grew up in a big family in the suburbs of Melbourne. Having three siblings close in age definitely helped shape me into who I am today. I moved to Tasmania for 6 years shortly after completing uni which helped develop my passion for high-quality delicious foods. Since I moved back to Melbourne, it feels like we have emerged as a big close family. Everyone is always about popping into our parents’ place - cooking, sharing ideas and having debates over dinner. The dinner table has really transformed into a place of bonding and connection for my family; this is especially the case since the pandemic.

G: Why create Goldi at this point in time?

J: I have an extreme passion for food and flavour. We also had growing demand from friends and family for our olive oil, so it just made sense.

G: What’s the most inspirational thing about food?

J: I love the transformational aspect of cooking. It always amazes what simple, quality ingredients can do to a dish. I really believe in enhancing and showcasing the seasonal produce on hand and have noticed that my dishes that get complimented on the most are the simplest.

G: What’s your favourite Goldi product and why?

J: Our Smooth EVOO - I am such a fan of fruity flavours and the buttery quality of Smooth stands out to me.

G: What aspect of healthy eating are you most passionate about?

J: It's the feeling we all know: that feeling of how great you feel after cooking and eating a nutritious meal that also happens to be delicious. You get the added benefits, all in one dish.

I think “flavour” is definitely having a moment and I’m all about it. I want people to not only eat their greens but love them.

G: What impact has healthy eating had on your and your family’s life?

J: We really enjoy the time together. I think healthy eating is not only about the food but also about deep listening. It’s important for us to sit down, hear about each other’s day and take a moment to appreciate our food and each other.

G: We understand you have a 2-year-old. Does he love Goldi olive oil? ;)

J: He does! Although I caught him putting blueberries in my bottle the other day when we were cooking. Not sure about that infusion haha.

G: Who are some people that inspire you (in or out of the food world) & why?

J: My mother is definitely my biggest cooking inspiration. She, too, has a passion for cooking and is always experimenting in the kitchen and trying new recipes. Her style is a blend of home cooking, a dash of gourmet and a strong emphasis on flavour.

G: What’s your favourite meal to cook at home?

J: I absolutely love fish, potatoes and greens. I appreciate the tasty balance of protein, carbs and greens (with a healthy dose of good fats, obviously). I cook this for my family at least once a week.

G: What are some inspiring movies, texts, books or podcasts that you have found to have a profound impact on how you view cooking and food and why?

J: I have been reading Yotam Ottolenghi’s new cookbook Test Kitchen and am loving it. I value it when a chef crafts dishes with phenomenal flavour (which he does), yet he also goes into more detail on technique and tips to achieve restaurant-quality on staples, like hummus. I also am a fan of some of the chefs that go to the science and qualities and tricks of the trade. Salt Fat Heat Acid by Samin Nosrat is a classic example of this. She has also been podcasting which I have been thoroughly enjoying.

G: What impact do you hope Goldi makes on peoples’ lives?

J: Australia has some great produce!! I would love to educate people not only about the health benefits of extra virgin olive oil but also about the flavour that high-quality oil will add to any dish.

G: How do you incorporate Goldi products into your daily routine?

J: Goldi products are such a staple in my day-to-day; the oil gets used in every meal. I use my oil to roast or bake most of my meals. I also love drizzling it over my toast in the morning and greens at night.

G: What does a day in your kitchen look like?

J: It varies. If I have the time, I love experimenting with new recipes and cuts of meat. However, like many of us, I tend to have some go-to recipes that my family and I tend to gravitate towards and eat each week.

G: Why do you think women-led businesses are important?

J: I am loving this moment with so many emerging amazing women-led brands. It creates a better world for women and girls, provides opportunities and empowers a new generation of women who have typically been disadvantaged as leaders in the workplace. I believe this is something that will continue to be important as new businesses are created and I encourage consumers to consider that purchasing from women-led businesses is a tangible way to support equality.

G: If you could give a piece of advice to people today about food or healthy eating, what would it be?

Keep it simple. Simple, high-quality fresh ingredients will create the best flavour and deliver health benefits along with it.

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Goldi acknowledges the Wurundjeri people of the Kulin Nation, the traditional custodians of the land upon which we live and work. Our groves in Victoria in the Shepparton region sit on the land of the Yorta Yorta people, and in the Limestone Coast in South Australia, we operate on the land of the Ngarrindjeri and Booandik people. Goldi is committed to supporting these communities for our business operating on these lands.